Elliot Wave

Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1.12.04

Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1.12.04: The Refined Elliott Trader pattern recognition software:World #1 in Elliott Wave Elliott Trader pattern recognition software from is the World`s #1 in Elliott Wave Analysis, market forecasting, and price/time projections. Elliott Wave Patterns have been used by traders to successful forecast market direction since they were first discovered in 1930. More specifically, Eliott Wave gives you price time targets for the completion of specific patterns. In 2001 Elliottician began a 5 year 10 million Elliot Wave

Video To MP3/WAVE Extract 1.12: Convert avi  vcd  svcd dvd mpeg rm ram rmvb to mp3 ,
Video To MP3/WAVE Extract 1.12

wave) files .wave mp3 output settings.Extract any section from video and save it as mp3/wave.It also can split and extract any section from audio files(mp3,wave,ogg,wma)and save it as mp3/wave formats. Video to mp3/wave Extract main features: Extract mp3/wave from avi Extract mp3/wave from vcd/svcd(dat file) Extract mp3/wave from dvd(vod file) Extract mp3/wave from rm Extract mp3/wave from ram Extract mp3/wave from rmbv Extract mp3/wave from mpeg1

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Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer Stock market timing calculator based on Dow theory and the Fibonacci principle.
Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer

The Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timing principle is based on the Dow theory, the Elliot Wave principle and the Fibonacci percentages. Even though there is no absolute certainty in the market, the use of this tool in combination with the proper technical analysis, will greatly enhance your chances at making better investing decisions. Suitable for Forex trading as well.

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Making Waves 1.0b2: Making Waves is a wave interference construction set.
Making Waves 1.0b2

Waves is an interactive wave construction set that allows students to create and explore situations involving any number of transverse and longitudinal waves. This software takes an interactive, visual approach to physics. Making Waves will help students develop an intuition for wave interactions. Students will gain a better understanding of the physics behind the images. By creating and exploring their own waves and wave sums with Making Waves,

interference, damping, amplitude, frequency, transverse, longitudinal, phase, superposition, wavelength, wave, pulse

Luxand Wave FX 1.0: Shoot realistic underwater videos with free wave plugin for Adobe After Effects
Luxand Wave FX 1.0

wave plugin for Adobe After Effects! Wave FX adds realistic wave effect to videos in just a couple of clicks. Simulate different liquids with various opacity, viscosity, surface tension and inertia. Seven configuration settings offer endless opportunities to create just the waves you need! Wave FX makes adding realistic waves to your video a matter of just a few mouse clicks. Just launch Adobe After Effects, load your video, and process it with the

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MP3 CD Creator 1.0

WAVE Transformer and WAVE CD Creator. MP3 To WAVE Transformer converts mp3 files to wave files and WAVE CD Creator records the wave files to CD. MP3 To Wave Transformer will make it easy to convert MP3 files to Wave files so that you can create your own custom CDs by using CD-Recorder software (usually ship with your CD-Recorder) or edit them in sound editor. WAVE CD Creator will make it easy to make your own custom music CD. Just select wave files

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Mobile Music Polyphonic (Ringtone Suite) 4.01: Ringtone composer and converter which convert audio video to m4r mmf amr mp3.
Mobile Music Polyphonic (Ringtone Suite) 4.01

wave, mmf, avi, rmvb, rm, wma, wmv, mpeg to cellphone polyphonic ringtone format m4r(iPhone ringtone), mmf(smaf format), amr-nb, amr-wb, amr-wb+, sp-midi. You can convert midi to m4r, mp3, amr, mmf, sp-midi, mp3 to m4r, mp3 to mmf, wave to mmf , wave to amr, also mp3 to AMR, amr to wave, amr to mp3, amr to wave, mp3 to wave and wave to mp3. Convert between mmf, mp3, wave, amr-nb, amr-wb, and amr-wb+ format. Convert mp3/wave/amr/awb to mmf. Sp-midi

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